Invisalign Vs Metal Braces

Everyone at some point in their lives has thought about braces. Whether it is for you, your children or any other family member or friends chances are it has crossed your mind. Gone are the days where wearing braces looked scary and unpleasant, with your teeth being covered up with all sorts of wiring and metal.

There is now an alternative to the traditional style of braces. It’s called Invisalign. They are a clear color and barely undetectable orthodontic aligner that is used to successfully straighten teeth. Here are some great reasons to choose Invisalign over traditional style metal braces.


Everyone know that their braces will definitely help to straighten their teeth but knowing that you might have a metal smile for the next few years can be a little daunting and can really affect your confidence and the way you smile. Adults seem to have an even harder time transitioning because they are embarrassed and the process is painful and big hassle, although worth it. Invisalign solves some of those issues. Since they are made of a clear plastic material you don’t have to feel shy when you smile and they are also much less painful to wear. They are also very easy to clean because they are removable.


Believe it or not but Invisalign is actually less expensive then metal style braces. Invisalign is typically only needed to be worn for about a year, while other styles of braces have to be worn for many years. This equals fewer trips to the dentist. Not having to go to the dentist as often also means less money for adjustments and can lead to less expenses overall.


One of the biggest differences that you can tell between Invisalign and the traditional style of braces is that one of them is made with metal. That metal sits inside your mouth for many years and can be the cause of much excruciating pain. The metal in these types of braces can cause a lot of wear on your gums as well as cut on them as well as your cheek area. This can lead to mouth sores which may be prone to infections. This may cause even more comfort and will also need dental attention. Invisalign is much less invasive and is made with a plastic resin so it is far more comfortable as well as safer to wear. There are no possibilities of creating any types of cuts and scrapes.

At the end of the day your best bet is to visit your dentists website and find out details of what they offer and then book an appointment for a consultation.

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